Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Arapahoe Charter School is a teacher/parent directed community school. Teachers and parents are required to be involved in the governance of the school and share in the responsibility for the educational achievements of their students. Teachers and parents are partners in the decision making process. Arapahoe Charter School provides students and parents in Pamlico County and surrounding counties with an expanded choice in educational opportunity. 

The goals of Arapahoe Charter School are:

  • To improve the quality of student learning in a wholesome, challenging, and enriching environment that will elicit the most from each student. 
  • To engender a risk-taking atmosphere that encourages teachers to research, evaluate, and implement innovative ideas and methods that will impact on student learning.
  • To recognize that each child is uniquely different and may, at times, need special instruction and attention.
  • To be aware that in our pluralistic environment, it is necessary to spark the learning desires of "below average students" at risk of giving up on learning, to challenge "average students" to do their very best, and to excite "above average students" to rise to their full potential.
  • To instill in our students, teachers, parents, and community at large, the responsibility to set high expectations and help ensure that all students experience success and high levels of achievement.
  • To foster in our students a sense of individual and community responsibility, respect for others, and the need for each to reason his/her way through problems.

With the community's strong support of the Arapahoe Charter School, the parents and teachers who share in the vision of a parent/teacher directed community school, and willing students and dedicated educators, we are confident that we will be able to prepare our children to be productive and meaningful citizens.